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Fashion icon Gigi Hadid accused of benefiting from nepotism

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LOS ANGELES: Fashion icon Gigi Hadid’s father Mohamed Hadid paid tribute to his ‘self-made’ daughter on her birthday recently.

His wish, however, appears to have blown up in his face as critics assembled to call him out for claiming the supermodel is self-made, when her influential parents supposedly helped her get a boost in the industry.

“What the 20 things that you did not know about Gigi Hadid? 1. Self Made… never took a single Dollar from her parents,” he wrote in one of his posts dedicated to the model.

Irked Twitter users reacted to the statement as they pointed out how Gigi was born into money and privilege and used nepotism to climb the ladder at a rapid pace.

“Self-made?? Born privileged more like it,” wrote one angry user.

“Yeah, Yolanda def helped Gigi and Bella get into the industry…” another added.

“Self-made? Her mom’s a model which is the only reason she got signed as well as Bella and you’re a rich developer who built mansions all over BH and Bel Air… she was born into money, sis,” said one.

“They literally bought Gigi and Bella a model career,” added a fourth.

“Look at them at the beginning of their careers. They would have never got any job if it wouldn’t be their parents. Especially their walks have been extremely horrible. Other less rich spoiled models would’ve never had the opportunity. They never worked hard for anything. Their whole career is bought,” chimed in another.