Five reasons one should not eat biscuits with tea

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ISLAMABAD: Biscuits with tea can taste like a match made in heaven, but did you know how this unhealthy combination is ruining your health?

Indian dietician Manpreet Kalra said if you invariably pair biscuits with your morning or evening tea, you may be making a wrong choice for your health.

Biscuits are highly processed and contain preservatives like BHA and BHT which can damage your DNA.

Biscuits have hydrogenated vegetable oils which cause hormonal imbalance and cardiac diseases.

Biscuits are high in refined sugar which can cause insulin disruption and increase risk of diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

They contain refined flour which causes gut issues by slowing down digestive system.

High in sodium content, this crunchy snack can increase risk of high blood pressure in people.

Roasted channa on the other hand is a better choice with your tea as it controls blood sugar levels by regulating insulin, contains B-Complex vitamins, boosts immunity, contains fibre, improves digestion and satiety, contains calcium, magnesium which helps in maintaining bone strength, contains choline, reduces inflammation and maintains celllular membranes.