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Hillsborough schools to cut 1,000 jobs

FLORIDA (Axios): Hillsborough County Public Schools are set to cut 1,000 positions to cover a $100 million budget shortfall.

The big picture: It’s the 7th-largest school district in the nation, while Florida ranks as one of the worst states for funding public education.

The state of play: Superintendent Addison Davis, who took questions from reporters yesterday, said teachers and employees already in the system will hopefully be safe from unemployment as positions are “weaned away.”

Everyone, including Davis and school principals, will need to be furloughed for four days over the summer.

Cuts to district expenditures, construction contracts, travel and overtime will cover the remaining $15 million not covered by position cuts.

Art, music, P.E., media, mental health and technology in elementary schools may need to be further funded through millage taxes, Davis said.

The bottom line, per Davis: “It’s a big puzzle. We just continue taking it apart and putting it together to figure out if it makes sense.”