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Indian police arrests actor Jimmy Sheirgill for breaking Covid-19 lockdown rules

F.P. Report

MUMBAI: During the shooting of a Punjabi film in Ludhiana, Bollywood actor Jasjit Singh Gill more commonly known as Jimmy Sheirgill was arrested (booked) for breaking the rules of the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Director Eeshwar Nivas was also arrested along with the actor during the shooting in Punjab.

When the police arrived on the set of the Punjabi film the situation was bad.   There was no social distancing being observed.

No other SOPs were taken into consideration as well. Everybody at the set was deeply involved in to violating each of the Covid-19 SOPs and taking the gruelling situation of India into notice, this is not the time to neglect the lockdown rules. 

As soon as the police arrived, the shooting had to be stopped. 

The director of the film showed the ACP the clearance papers in order to ease the conflict at hand and find a way out. 

Down below is proof of some intense hypocrisy being shown by the actor Jimmy Sheirgill who is getting vaccinated against Covid-19 and is urging others to get their shot as well.

When Jimmy can’t even be the responsible citizen following the basic Covid-19 SOPs, how can he be a role model urging his fans to get the vaccine shot? 

This is some major hypocrisy being portrayed Jimmy! Here is Jimmy’s Instagram post:   Jasjit Singh Gill more commonly known as Jimmy Sheirgill is a 50-year-old Indian actor and film producer.

Sheirgill began his acting career with the thriller ‘Maachis’.