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Khloe Kardashian gets candid about past relationship lessons

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LOS ANGELES: Khloe Kardashian recently shed light on the lessons she learned co-parenting daughter True with ex Tristan Thompson.

The star got candid over it all during her appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show and admitted, “I can’t take the credit. I have first my parents, my mom, my dad and my stepdad, that trilogy was just like the ultimate because of what they embedded in us and what they showed us, and I don’t think I understood how mature and respectful and loving my three parents were until you put yourself in a similar situation.”

She also went on to say, “My dad and stepdad, I’m sure it definitely wasn’t easy at first, the first couple of years I don’t even know if they spoke to one another.”

“We didn’t know that because they never talked poorly about one another to us but of course it was a challenge for my mom to remarry, I’m sure it was a challenge for my dad with all that but eventually my dad would come over once a week for family dinners and my dad and my stepdad would play golf with one another about once a week and my dad was over every Christmas and so I have them as examples.”

“Then I have my sister Kourtney and I still call him my brother Scott, so many great examples that I don’t think we allow one another than do anything less and we get to learn from one another.”

“Of course there are days that are definitely more trying, bumpy or turbulent but you never speak poorly about someone that you have a child with or even an ex at all, like at some point you chose to be in that relationship and at some point there was love and respect, so why can’t we at least find a common ground somewhere.”

The reality TV star concluded by saying, “I have so many brothers and sisters, so I do want to have a sibling for True. With the world of Covid, I’ve been doing IVF and all that kind of stuff and it’s been more challenging in a quarantine year, but I definitely do.”