Kubra Khan believes social media is a curse

Kubra Khan believes social media is a curse

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KARACHI: Actress Kubra Khan has shed light on one of her strong beliefs revolving around how social media is a complete curse. The Pakistani celebrity has lately appeared in ‘The Big Pick’ and has conversed about various crucial subjects with the host Hassan Chaudhry.

While talking about social media and how it has positive yet negative effects on someone’s mental health, Kubra stated that people these days might be suffering from depression and other mental conditions solely due to the impact social media has on them.

Kubra Khan thinks that social media can be quite harmful whereas it has benefits too. Furthermore, Kubra shed light on how people are getting inferiority complexes these days due to comparing their lives with the lives of people they see on social media.

However, social media might be quite advantageous when it comes to getting immediate response specially where actors are concerned, Kubra mentioned.

During the same interview, Kubra also talked about the unauthenticity of Pakistani award functions and how the award culture in Pakistan doesn’t seem to pay regard to those who actually deserve recognition.

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