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Malaysia announces travel ban for Pakistan, other countries amid Coronavirus surge

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: Malaysia has announced a travel ban on Pakistan and a few other countries where coronavirus cases have seen a rise over the last couple of weeks.

According to a notification issued by the Malaysian immigration authorities, citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal will not be allowed to enter Malaysia from May 8.

Senior Malaysia Minister Ismail Yakoob announced the conditions of the ban.

“The travel restriction imposed on citizens of these countries involved all categories holding long-term social visit passes, business travellers and for social visits,” he said.

The minister disclosed that there were some exemptions to the ban as well.

“Exemptions are, however, given to holders of diplomatic passports and officials as stated in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961. This category will be considered to enter Malaysia using the existing standard operating procedures,” he added.

Following the announcement of the travel ban, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight has been stopped from flying to Malaysia.

The national flag carrier operates one weekly flight to Malaysia.

Last month, Malaysia had announced a travel ban on India as well, as the country struggles to cope with the pandemic.

Malaysia’s Transport Ministry had announced in April it would halt the entry of Indian nationals and passengers as well as implement strict controls for ships from the South Asian country docking at the nation’s ports.

Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong had said in a Facebook post that he has informed port operators as well as domestic and foreign airlines to comply with the decision by the government.