Pakistani TV actress Syra Yousaf shares million-dollar relationship advice

Pakistani TV actress Syra Yousaf shares million-dollar relationship advice

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KARACHI: Talented TV actress Syra Yousaf has opened up about relationship struggles as she has been trending on social media platforms after her former father-in-law remarked that he still considered her as part of the family.

Syra shared her thoughts to settle the rumors mills once and for all.

She commented: “ The best relationship advice I have learned from one of my characters is that is something’s not serving you, you have to let it go.”

Chalay Thay Sath actress married Shehroz Sabzwari, son of actor Behroze Sabzwari in a private nikah ceremony in Karachi.

Their daughter, Nooreh, was born in 2014. In December 2019, the couple announced their separation and got divorced in February 2020, she announced this on Instagram.

Talking to the host Rabia Mughni, Behroze said: “Syra is still his ‘daughter’, and hopes that she settles down in her life. The actor further stated that he will support and stand behind Syra no matter what.

He claimed: “We’ve never seen Syra as separate from us and we never will.” Also, expressed his affection towards Nooreh, his granddaughter and Syra’s daughter. She is seen multiple times at her father, Shehroze Sabzwari house, and videos with her stepmother, Sadaf Kanwal also gets the public’s attention.

Shahroz Sabzwari shares a picture newborn daughter ‘Syeda Zahra Sabzwari’

Meanwhile, Shahroz Sabzwari clicked his selfie while holding his little daughter in his arms. He captioned the post: “A ‘little’ me time” which indicates that he is pointing toward his time with the newborn that he referred to as ‘little’.

This picture of the father and daughter duo started to circulate on social media platforms and received a lot of love and support from netizens who welcomed his second daughter warmly.

Even the showbiz celebrities welcomed the newly born baby girl and wished her all the happiness. Her grandfather, Behroze Sabzwari, and all family also expressed their happiness.

Shahroz has been known as a loving father due to the actor’s bond with his first daughter, ‘Nooreh Shahroze’, he was the talk of the town before.

Even though he got separated from his first wife Syra Yusuf, mother of Nooreh, in February 2020, still the father and daughter relationship remained the same and she was seen numerous times in the house of her dad and with her stepmother Sadaf Kanwal, Second wife of Shahroz and mother of Zahra Sabzwari.

After the arrival of his second child, his first daughter was seen with her baby sister regardless of being step sisters and the family disclosed that Nooreh is very possessive about her baby sister Zahra.

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