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Pee Cee reveals what can fans expect from upcoming memoir ‘Unfinished’

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LOS ANGELES: Priyanka Chopra’s memoir Unfinished will hit the shelves around the world very soon. The book chronicles events that are extremely close to the actress’s heart on her journey to fame and stardom.

Speaking in an interview recently, Pee Cee revealed, “I was honest about things that mattered to me and my journey right now. Which is why I mean that this is a very honest reflection of where I am at the moment. I didn’t edit my book in a way that ‘this is something I don’t want to talk about’ or ‘this is something I can’.

“If it is true to me in the moment, it is in the book. If it doesn’t matter to me, it is not in the book. It is very honest telling of that tale,” the global icon added.

On the work front, Pee Cee was last seen in The White Tiger for which he mustered raving success.