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Risk to sea life

By: Urooj Asad

Pollution is mainly caused when harmful materials are set out in the environment, which may cause danger to the sea lives including sea animals, vegetation and cleanness of sea water in which these living creatures are since many centuries. Pollution is mainly caused by the people living on the coast of the sea.

There is no proper system of waste disposal in most of the Asian countries, of the coastal cities flows into the seas through sewerage drains instead of disposing off through waste plants. Sometimes the contaminated water of industrial areas and nuclear plants are being deposited in the sea water.

Similarly, people often throw their trash on the streets or where ever they are standing and leave knowing that nothing will happen to it. This trash mainly contains plastic, paper, nets, bottles, chemicals and etc. But, what they don’t know is that it will be collected by the sanitary staff of Municipal Corporation. The untrained sanitary staff collect this trash and throw it in the sea without realizing what disaster it would create in the sea.

However, this waste contains chemicals such as (petroleum, unknown liquid or oil spill) which pollutes the sea water, effects vegetation and also many creatures home in the sea. This trash now floats in the sea for many days and eventually gets its victim sea animals: turtle, fish, shark etc.

The plastic causes problems for the animals (mostly turtles) to move because when animals are stuck in this plastic they can’t move. They often die because of this.

It is said that globally 100,000 marine animals die each year because of plastic. If this will happen continuously we might lose these animals. Then, we will have no way to get these animals back and this will cause a big problem.

If this happens it will definitely effect the life cycle and more animals will start to die and this will cause a bigger problem. To avoid this situation we need to follow some rules that will help the people of the community to come together and make some changes to their daily life.

Things we can do to stop this problem are:-

? Putting trash cans in suitable places example: parks, streets and even in front of houses.

? Recycle plastic, paper, cans etc.

? Making more signs of putting the waste (plastic) in the trash can.

? Trash that can’t be recycled, we can burn it and dump it somewhere else rather than in the ocean, sea or lake.

We can follow these rules to avoid pollution happening in the sea and help save the lives of multiple animals from dying. As a community we should gather and talk about the things that are effecting the animals as well as people and try to find the solution to avoid these things and make our community a better place for everyone.