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Simplicity Esports announces crypto currency mining using gaming PCs

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Simplicity Esports has announced that it will, in collaboration with Esports Entertainment Group subsidiary ggCircuit, begin using its gaming PCs to passively mine crypto currencies, such as Ethereum when the machines are idle.

“We continue to find innovative ways to leverage the largest footprint of esports gaming centers in the U.S. for increasing revenue. We plan to have the first PCs mining Ethereum as soon as next week, and plan to rollout this strategy at all new locations that we acquire or build, as long as it remains economically viable. The beauty of the ggCircuit program is that initiating and halting mining activity can be done with the push of a button. At current levels, we expect to generate $100 to $125 in Ethereum per month per PC by mining during idle periods on the machines, including overnight,” Roman Franklin, CEO of Simplicity Esports, said.

Courtesy: European Gaming