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Tokyo Olympics boss Mori to resign over sexist remarks

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Tokyo (AFP) Tokyo Olympics chief Yoshiro Mori is to resign over sexist remarks that have sparked outrage in Japan and abroad, reports said Thursday.

Multiple major Japanese media outlets, citing anonymous sources, said Mori has told officials of his wish to step down and intends to announce his resignation at a meeting of Games organisers on Friday.

Gaffe-prone Tokyo 2020 boss Mori, 83, has come under increasing pressure after he said last week that women “have difficulty” speaking concisely.

He has apologised for the remarks, but dug a deeper hole when he insisted he had heard complaints that women speak at length.

Politicians and sports stars were quick to condemn the comments, with heavyweight sponsors also saying they ran contrary to the Olympic spirit.

The International Olympic Committee said they considered the matter closed, but then said the remarks were “completely inappropriate” as the backlash grew.

The sexism row has become yet another headache for Olympic organisers and officials already battling public disquiet over holding the Games this summer as the pandemic continues to rage.

Courtesy: France 24