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Turkish actress Burcu Kiratli ties the knot with singer Sinan…..again

F.P. Report

ISTANBUL: Ertugrul beauty Burcu Kiratli has gotten married to Turkish singer Sinan Akçıl and the Turkish actress surprised her fans with beautiful wedding pictures.

Burcu Kıratlı is a Turkish actress and model and is famous for her role of Gokce Hatun in Ertugrul Ghazi.

Burcu is an award-winning actress as she received an award at Türk Sinemasını Geçmişten Geleceğe Taşıyanlar ceremony for her significant work in Turkish cinema on 8 October 2020.

Burcu posted the caption on the wedding pictures as Mrs Akcil. She was previously married to Sinan Akcil and it’s supposed to be her reunion. 

They both got divorced in 2019 and previously gotten married in 2018, they both called off marriage on having differences but now they once again surprised the fans.