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Weight Loss: 7 Low-Carb Lunch Recipes That Bring Together Taste And Health

Weight loss is not an overnight achievement but a goal which has to be worked towards every day. For those of us who have jumped on the low-carb diet bandwagon, we mostly do it for our weight loss goals. While we work towards cutting back on carbohydrates, we need to be mindful to do it in moderation. Eliminate the junk from the diet, but don’t banish carbs altogether. That’s to keep our system in balance. Also, skipping meals can harm, rather than help, our weight loss goals. If we crave a filling lunch, we better have it. But wait, what should we pick? Here’s a list of low-carb and keto-friendly lunch recipes that you can add to your diet.

Here Are 7 Low-Carb Lunch Recipes For Weight Loss:
1. Oats Idli

Choose low-carb oats idli for a healthy and filling lunch without any worries. The protein and fibre in oats enrich the body and keep us filled for a long time.

oats idli
Made with the goodness of oats, this idli recipe is extremely healthy. 
2. Keto Fried Rice

Surprised by this recipe? Onions, broccoli, beans and zucchini are the main vegetables. But we are ditching white rice and using grated cauliflower instead. The dish tastes as tasty as it can get.

3. Tofu Phali

Tofu is a protein-rich food, best suited for a low-carb diet. Add beans, onions, tomato puree, olive oil and many Indian spices to rustle up this dish.

Healthy and tasty Tofu can be mixed with beans and onions to rustle up this dish.
4. Broccoli Stew

No one can contest broccoli’s place in a low-carb diet. It’s a powerhouse of protein, fibre, iron, potassium, calcium and several vitamins. Having it as a stew for lunch is a perfect choice. Add coconut milk, onions, chillies and curry leaves for flavour.

5. Keto Coconut Rice

Here again, we use grated cauliflower instead of rice. The grated coconut adds much nutrition and fibre to the plate. Do not fear the two spoons of coconut oil because it’s pure fat and digestion-friendly.

Move over white rice, make this low-carb coconut rice made with grated cauliflower.
6. Eggplant Salad

If we prefer salads, our low-carb lunch can include this boiled eggplant salad is the right choice to make. Garlic, chillies, spring onions and soy sauce step up the game. Use sesame oil for a subtle taste.

7. Marinated Stuffed Peppers

De-seed the capsicum and tomatoes. Toss mushrooms, cucumbers and eggplants for the filling. Wash the stuffed peppers with a marinade of vegetable stock, custard, garlic, herbs and olive oil. Bake and serve for a delicious and filling lunch.

So try these healthy recipes and binge away to your heart’s content! It’s important to consult a qualified expert or a nutritionist before making any major changes to the diet. Always eat in moderation and exercise caution while following any diet plan.

Courtesy: ndtv.com