What We Are Eating Today: Tanuki

What We Are Eating Today: Tanuki

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If you are in Jeddah and want sushi for lunch or dinner, yet are planning on a cozy stay at home, Tanuki is an ideal choice.

The sushi cloud kitchen offers professionally made nigiri, sushi and maki rolls, with more than 16 options, as well as Japanese selections with high-quality ingredients at an affordable price.

Tanuki chef Jwana Damanhouri is a Saudi who developed his culinary skills abroad and has worked in highly acclaimed Japanese restaurants in the Kingdom.

The kitchen name “Tanuki” was inspired by the Japanese breadcrumbs that add crunch to sushi rolls and texture to a host of Japanese food items.

Signature orders include maki rolls with tasty Japanese mayo and topped with crispy tanuki. Torched salmon maki and crispy California maki are also popular choices.

Tanuki offers selections from Japanese cuisine, such as kani salad, steamed edamame, gyoza, sushi bowls, hosomaki and uramaki, as well as a range of sushi burritos.

For those considering a large portion or inviting friends, the Tanuki combo box is a recommended option, with three rows of maki or sushi rolls of your choice, and six pieces of each type.

Diners on a diet can try a sushi bowl consisting of rice, vegetables and protein. The crab tanuki bowl is highly recommended.

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