Where we are going today: bread ahead

Where we are going today: bread ahead

Ameera Abid

Bread Ahead is a bakery that has traveled straight from London to Jeddah, and takes the doughnut scene in the city to the next level. The doughnuts are displayed on their side, and the fillings ooze out in perfect peaks. 

The melt-in-the-mouth doughnuts are like little clouds that makes the tastebuds explode with happiness when you bite into them.

The blackcurrant cheesecake version, for example, creates an explosion of flavors that perfectly balance sweet and sour.

If doughnuts are the highlight, the rest of the goodies on offer are not far behind. The perfect croissants can be enjoyed plain or with flavors such as pistachio chocolate and almonds.

Their bread and buns can be taken home, or you can order sandwiches and French toast from their sourdough or brioche selection.

They also serve pizza made in the authentic Italian way. They have kept the flavors simple but have perfected the taste of each.

The business not only aims to spread happiness through baked goods but also to spread knowledge through its baking school. You can register for the baking school through the website.

They hold small master classes that focus on just one kind of skill.

You can attend the classes regardless of where you are in your baking journey: beginner or an expert, there is something for everyone.

The classes are sometimes specific to a certain region, such as the eastern European or the Greek baking workshops.

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