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Artist Zaheer Chaudhry starts off roadside visual art exhibition in Balochistan’s Sibi district

F.P. Report

SIBI: Pakistani artist Zaheer Chaudhry has kicked off a 12 days roadside visual art exhibitions in Sibi district of Balochistan aim to deliver art activities include children art workshops, photography exhibitions, film screening, documentary screening on environment like sustainability, travelling and tourism, biodiversity, deforestation and melting glaciers among education institutes and public places.

He said the exhibition project named ‘Carbon’ is an effort to curate roadside visual art studios with social and communal significance in a bid to create public-places based art activities, particularly in rural areas where specific art spaces like workshops or classes, galleries and museums, as in metro cities of Pakistan, are not available.  Zaheer said Carbon aims to promote cross-cultural communications, through visual content as proposed and designed by the children.

These roadside arts studios aim to create potential scenarios for the rural school-going children, college and university students to help them develop new ideas and to enrich their natural talents. 

These studios will also help them to promote their cross-cultural communication; to develop their artistic expression for the development of healthy minds for healthy social behaviours and also to open new horizons for them to the disconnected side of the world through visual media.

Zaheer said 22 roadside photography exhibitions and art workshops were curated on 17 rural sites including schools, colleges University campuses, hotels, restaurants, and open public places of Gilgit city, Naltar, Minapin, Mianchar, Phakir, Ganish and Hooper in 43 days back in 2017.

“Carbon Balochistan 2021 is a welcome call by the govt of Balochistan and CEO of Peoples Primary Healthcare Initiative PPHI Balochistan Aziz Ahmad Jamali. 

Explaining the concept of naming the project after carbon, Zaheer said, “The purest diamond achieves its most valuable and unique form when pure carbon goes through extreme hardships and the toughest conditions.

Once mined out; experts carve the diamond from an undertone to the exquisite and precious stone. This is exactly how parents, teachers and society can carve a raw child into a gem; they can make the child precious to the society and to the world.”

Courtesy: (24news)