Calo, a healthy meal plan app

Calo, a healthy meal plan app

RIYADH (Arabnews): Calo is a healthy meal plan app based in Riyadh that helps you to calculate your daily calories based on fitness goals — whether it is losing weight, gaining muscle or maintaining weight.

The name derives from “calorie.” The diet phone application offers more than 10 different meals to choose from daily according to your diet, and offers flexibility to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a busy schedule.

The app also offers the opportunity to consult a certified nutritionist. You can book a session with the nutritionist before signing up or you can follow up with the nutritionist anytime during your subscription to check your progress and ask questions.

Meals are personalized according to what suits. You can choose and swap from three different meal plans — the balanced plan, which has carbs, fat and protein; the vegetarian plan; or the low-carb plan.

You can choose meals from the app directly, swap or switch between meals or plans, change your package, skip days, and change your delivery address or delivery time. Calo is an ideal app for employees or students looking for some healthy and tasty meals that will be delivered to their doorstep. For more information, visit Instagram account @calo.ksa.

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