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Fahad Mustafa criticises content creators for ‘selling families’

KARACHI (Web Desk) : Renowned Pakistani actor Fahad Mustafa has voiced strong criticism against content creators who exploit their families for views and likes.

In a recent interview with Shoaib Akhtar, Fahad Mustafa expressed his disapproval of the prevalent trend of family-based content, condemning it as “selling families.”

With a career spanning over two decades in the Pakistani entertainment industry, the actor raised valid concerns about the authenticity of such content.

Fahad Mustafa shed light on the extent to which some creators are willing to go, including filming in graveyards, solely to generate clicks.

Asserting that “most people are selling their families,” Fahad Mustafa emphasised that such practices do not contribute to genuine content creation.

Drawing a clear distinction between the work ethic of traditional actors like himself and that of content creators, Fahad Mustafa highlighted the dedication actors invest in their craft.

While actors like him commit to long hours of work, many content creators adhere to a more relaxed schedule.

“These social stars are not accustomed to working for 10-15 hours, a norm for actors like me,” remarked Fahad Mustafa, providing insights into the differing approaches within the entertainment industry.