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First death anniversary of comedian Tariq Teddy today

LAHORE (Monitoring Desk ) : First death anniversary of renowned comedian Tariq Teddy is being observed today (Sunday).

Teddy was born in Faisalabad in 1976. He couldn’t complete his education and studied until 6th grade only.

Teddy’s family was in furniture business but he joined theatre in the 1990s.

He had a great pairing with another legend late Mastana.

He contributed a lot in the theatre industry and gave many super-hit dramas. Teddy’s sharp sentences and utmost wit earned him an exceptional place among his colleagues.

His famous stage plays include ‘Mama Pakistan’, ‘Abhi To Mein Jawan Hoon’, ‘Do Rangeley’, ‘Betho Betho Lea Dala’, ‘Asli Tay Naqli’, ‘Jhoot Bolda’, ‘Mirch Masala’, ‘Ghoonghat Utha Loon’ and ‘Eid Da Chan’.

Tariq Teddy passed away on November 19, 2022 at the age of just 46.