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We Are Yum Yum News

Since last twenty years writing about depressing issues not only gave me blood pressure issues but it also gave me a brain injury last year. And that’s why I have decided to have something fun along side of The Frontier Post. 
Yum Yum News to some sounds like only food. But actually it’s about all kinds of Yum Yum News. News which makes us happy. News which doesn’t make our lips dry when we are reading it. Instead in Yum Yum News, we will bring you news about all the Yum Yum things happenings all over the world. Whether it’s related to Food, Art, Science, Environment, Fashion, Business, Travel or Health, We will share with our readers at Yum Yum News, in its print format, digital or its APP, which will be launched soon. 
Regarding Food, all I can is that Food is my favorite thing in this world. Sharing food is the most beautiful things human can do. And no one can say their food is the best. I personally love Barbecue, Chinese and Italian. But I love Turkish, Middle Eastern and Japanese food as well. 
Art is something which tells a lot about a country. Any nation where Artists are in horrible condition, meaning not living well, that nation or country can never succeed. Artists depicts their society, their surrounds, the good and bad around them and the wishes of society are displayed through Art. At Yum Yum News, Art will be promoted from all over the world. But the only thing in Art which we will make sure that it does not happen is the fact that we will not suppose those Artists who hurt the feelings of others through their Art. There are so called artists who are just so mean inside and that meanness can be seen through their art. Our windows at Yum Yum News are closed for them. 
Fashion, especially clothes are another beautiful things which we humans love. And we all have beautiful clothes from all over the world. Clothes which cover the body and make humans look Yummy is something we will promote globally. And if you need our help in that Yum Yum News will get you there. 
Environment is another issue which Yum Yum News wants to work on and we will support all those who loves this earth and it’s habitants. Of course we all know who is ruining the Environment. But those who protect it and woks towards protecting it always gets unnoticed. We at Yum Yum News will salute and highlight those kind of people, organizations and governments. Yum Yum News is only about Good News, Positive News and Happy News. 
Wealth without Health is almost like a curse but good health with our wealth is still a great blessing. In today’s world where everyone is running after wealth, we at Yum Yum News will share news with you about the most important thing in this world, our Health. We at Yum Yum News will share information with you from all over the world about having good health. 
Kids, we all love. Almost all of us 🙂 They will become who we are today. We will all be leaving this world and this earth for them to share. The values we give our kids are the values they will carry on this earth. We at Yum Yum News will be sharing the Yum Yum News of our kids. Great things related to Kids Will displayed and promoted at Yum Yum News. 
Business, Science and Technology and sports are some of our other areas of Yum Yum News which we will be covering and because we have are starting our journey from Washington DC therefore we have to have a little Poohlitics as well at Yum Yum News 🙂 
Publisher Note By: Jalil Afridi Info@yumyumnews.com